Inclusive, affordable, customizable babywearing for all.

My focus and motivation has never been to build a business or brand. I undertake the time and expense of ASTM testing and CPSC compliance to exist as a space of babywearing inclusivity. What really matters is connecting caregivers with their babies and toddlers.

•ring slings are approximately 24” wide with 3 length options to be inclusive of all body shapes and sizes and suit your personal preference + comfort.


•sensory sensitivity?

Message me at if you would like a sample of fabric to feel.


•unsure of your best fit or carrier?

Message me at and I will send you something to try if you will cover shipping costs. I trust you.


•other needs? 

Message me at and we’ll work together how to best accommodate unique you.


•financial strain? 

Message me at and I will provide for you what I have available to share.