Reverse Onbuhimo

Please don’t let the name feel intimidating! Reverse just means the rings are up top, near the shoulder like a ring sling, instead of the bottom like a backpack strap adjusts. Best for use with older babies that are able to sit up unassisted, weigh at least 15lbs and up to 45lbs.

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Ring Sling

Great for quick, convenient ups and those epic heartbeat-to-heartbeat snuggles. Available as a single layer or double, for variable support needs, and 3 length options depending on your personal prefernces. 8lbs-35lbs.

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Meh Dai style

A versatile go-to carrier! Suitable for both front and back carries and both babies and younger toddlers. We are personally using this style most now with our 2.5 year old. A simple criss cross X across your back, and then again over babe's bum, a quick tie off and that's it!

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"Loving this Reverse Onbuhimo! Well constructed and great craftsmanship. Look at that high carry! Seller was a doll, and when there was a delay threw in a gift to compensate. Have already ordered again!"


"This is the perfect sling for fall and winter. (And camping in the summer!) We got a double and it's so supportive yet still easy to adjust."


"Beautiful ring sling perfect for snuggling my babe! I got the bronze rings and they were oh so good. I plan on purchasing more."